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Sunday, July 21, 2013

50 Solutions: Gmail Login Part-1: Cannot Log Into Gmail or Connect to Google

50 Solutions – How to Log into Gmail / Google Account

Many people will encounter some login problems on their Gmail account. You will find yourself unable to log into Gmail but you should not panic because it might be a simple problem that needs an easy fix. If you cannot log into Gmail, then this article is written for you.Sometimes,it doesn’t take a genius to find out what is wrong with your Gmail login, but if you are not an internet techie,the small problem might look like a big problem. Email services will encounter issues that may be caused by several variables and status of the web browser, computer, operating system and internet. Gmail is not an exception, and therefore you should expect problems from time to time. This article is going to be as simplistic and straightforward as possible because Gmail is used by ordinary people who don’t care about technological jargon. You just want to solve your login issues and get back into your account, right? Let’s look at the possible causes of Gmail login problems and their suggested solutions:

1 - Computer Hosts File Might Be Infected
We are not going to look into details about a Hosts File, but it is a file which resides on your computer. There are many agents (e.g. viruses and software installations) that can alter your hosts file.

Solution: Clean the Hosts File
2 - Cookies not Enabled

Most websites and web applications require browser cookies to be enabled in order for them to function.

Solution: Enable cookies for Google on your web browser

3 - Compromised Computer

A computer that has been compromised by malware or other causative agents may block your Gmail login.

Solution: Log into Gmail using a different computer

4 - Single Access Point - Software Application Issue

Most people will get frustrated when they cannot log into their Gmail account via the normal sign in form. A smart person will think of other ways which they have used to successfully log into Gmail in the past.

Solution: Attempt to log into your Google account via an Email Client [Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc.]

5 - Single Access Point – OS Platform Issue

Most probably you are reading this article on your computer or laptop via a desktop operating system like Windows 7 or Vista. Have you ever thought of logging into your Gmail account via an alternative operating system?

Solution: Log into your Google account via a tablet, smartphone or cellphone.

6 - Internet Connection Issues

What type of internet connection are you using on your device? There are various types of internet installations that you can obtain from your service provider. Some connections are known to be extremely slow and unreliable. This can prevent a smooth and normal Gmail login.

Solution: Use high speed internet like 4G and Cable Broadband

7 - Wrong Internet Connection Settings

So you have internet, but is the configuration properly done? Incorrect settings can terminate your internet connection, and you will not be able to log into Gmail.

Solution: Ask your internet service provider for correct settings. They will gladly help you or send a technician to set it up for you.

8 - Outdated Web browser issue

Most people will buy a computer and use the same browser that came pre-installed on the machine for 10 years. Browsers become outdated and when an email service like Gmail gets updated, you will encounter the unwanted Gmail login problem.

Solution: Update your web browser

9 - Updated Web browser issue

Gmail is not an email service that is frequently updated on a monthly or weekly basis. It might take years before new features are announced. When Gmail is is not compatible with an updated browser, you might have problems trying to log in.

Solution: Downgrade your web browser to an older version that worked well with Google.

10 - Problematic Login URL

If you are a Gmail user, then you must be familiar with the Gmail sign in URL that can be accessed at http://gmail.com  This URL may not work at all times, and if you don’t know an alternative URL to log into your Gmail account, you will be trapped outside of your account.

Solution: Use alternative URLs like m.gmail.com, mail.google.com or googlemail.com, including their corresponding http and https.

11 - Email Client Settings

Many office professionals use Email Clients to log into their email accounts. Several email accounts can be set up to open using an email client like Outlook Express. This requires you to configure the POP3 and IMAP settings. Incorrect configuration will give you problems when you are attempting to log into Gmail.

Solution: Go through your settings and make sure that the email client and your Gmail account are using the same password.

12 - Firewall Blockade

A computer firewall prevents your system from connecting to dangerous programs that may harm your computer via the internet. Innocent programs like Gmail or Google may also be blocked.
Solution: Ensure that Gmail is connected to the correct port that is recognized by the firewall.

13 - Anti-Ad Software

If you have ad blocking software installed on your computer, the application will also block Google Ads, and in the process it will also block connection to Google.

Solution: Disable or uninstall ad blocking software on your machine.

14 - Single Access Point – Google Application Issue

Gmail is a webmail application that belongs to a family of many other applications and services owned by Google. Have you tried using another application besides Gmail to log into your account?
Solution: Try to sign into your Gmail account using Google Talk or iGoogle.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Compose Google Mail

Google has a free emailing service called Gmail. This service offers more features than just composing, sending and receiving messages. It also lets users send documents and images as attachments through the Compose message option. For Gmail users, sharing documents and images is also possible through Google Drive, which is a feature incorporated within the Gmail system.

Sign in to Gmail.com

The first thing to do if you want to compose an email using your Gmail account is to go to gmail.com. On the login page, you just need to type in your Gmail user name and your chosen password. If you are not yet a Gmail user, you can create your account in minutes.

Register to Gmail.com

On the login page, click the Create an Account Link in Red at the right top corner of the screen. The next page will have the registration form that you need to fill up. Just follow the succeeding instructions and you will have your new Gmail account in no time at all.

Compose Mail

Once your account is set, you can then proceed to the email composition process and follow these steps:

  • Look for the Compose Button located n the left side of the Gmail page and click it
  • A small page will pop up from the lower right corner of the page; this is the new Compose Mail page
  • The recipient’s email address should be typed into the “To” section on the tap of the Compose Mail pop up page
  • If you already have contacts on your Gmail account, there will be email address suggestions from your list as you type your recipient’s email address
  • It is possible to send one email to multiple recipients
  • Once you are done with recipient selection, you need to fill up the Subject tab which is below the Recipient Tab
  • It is possible to send a message without providing a Subject, but Gmail will ask you if you are sure about the decision to skip this part. Including a subject in your email is one way to show professionalism and this is important if you are using your account for business purposes. There are also some recipients who appreciate reading a subject first before the main body of the message.
  • Below the Subject portion is the part where you need to compose your mail. It is a larger field than the ones above. You have the option to change font, text color and even the format of the message.
  •  Once you are done composing, you can even correct some spelling mistakes as Gmail indicates wrongly spelled words.
  • If you are satisfied with the outcome of the composed mail, you can then click the Send button found at the bottom portion of the Compose Mail window.
The good thing about this new Compose Mail from Gmail is that you are no longer being redirected to another page when composing. The new pop up window allows you to stay on your Inbox while you send the mail.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What is Gmai ? G.M.A.I. and Gmail Explained

GMAI is Global Media AIDS Initiative and it is an umbrella organization that connects and encourages media companies from around the globe to use their resources, influence, as well as their creative talents to effectively address issues on AIDS. 

This organization generates a structure for sharing radio and television programming amongst media companies with the objective of increasing public awareness and to promote better health messaging. GMAI also aims educates editors, journalists and show producers so that they will be able to effectively cover the AIDS issue. 

GMAI and its members intend to let the world know that HIV is preventable, and this can be effectively achieved through improvement of global awareness and information on how to stop the spreading of HIV/AIDS.

The main mission of GMAI is to control and make use of the power of media in helping for the prevention of the HIV disease and the stigma being faced by those who are already suffering from it.
GMAI and Gmail

GMAI should not be mistaken for Gmail as they are not the same. GMAI is an organization composed of different entities that unite media companies for a common cause, and that is to create a wide spread and global awareness about the issues of HIV and AIDS.

Gmail on the other hand is a free emailing feature from Google and it has nothing to do whatsoever with GMAI.

GMAI.com and Gmail.com

Gmai.com should not be mistaken for Gmail.com because they are two different companies. In most cases, some people do get confused or sometimes they just forget to type in the letter L. Actually it is quite easy to realize if you have made a mistake, as when you key in gmail.com you will be redirected to the login page of Gmail.

So that means that if you do not see the login page, you may have been redirected to there wrong website. If that happens, simply do another browser search and make sure that you type in the right web address.

Is GMAI.com a Malicious Website?

GMAI.com is not a malicious site but rather it is a survey website. Upon entering the site address on the search bar, you will be redirected to a page that welcomes you to an annual survey. You will be congratulated for being the chosen a visitor. You will be enticed to complete the survey by offering you the chance to get high tech Apple gadgets such as the New Pad, the iPhone 5 and the iMac.
Of course you are not obliged to do the survey, but if you decide to click the Start Now button, you should be prepared for the consequences. 

All in all, Gmail.com is the emailing service from Google, GMAI or the Global Media AIDS Initiative is the organization that gives the media community that chance to make a difference in the world, and the GMAI.com website is a surveying site.

In order to avoid mistakes in logging in and other online activities, you need to make sure that you type in the right web address or always double check before hitting the Enter key.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How to Use Gmail.com Login

To use Gmail.com login, you must first have a Gmail account. The first thing you need to do is to set up your account by going to Gmail com and you can start your Gmail journey from there.

  1.  On the upper right side part of the Gmail homepage, you will see the Create an Account option in red.
  2.  Click that red button.
  3. You will be redirected on the registration page.
  4. Fill out all the required fields (name, user name, gender, chosen password, phone number).
  5. Phone number is optional and you may skip that, but having your phone number listed within your account will make it a lot easier for you retrieve your account in case something goes wrong.
  6. You need to go through the word verification part or the part where you will copy a Captcha image to prove that you are human.
  7. Read agreement on the terms and service and then click the box that corresponding to your acceptance of the agreement.
  8. Click Next
  9. Google may ask you to verify your identity through a text message that contains the verification code. Do not be scared to input your phone number as Google is much high in implementing security measures.

1    Once you have verified your account, you start enjoying all Gmail features or you can choose to personalize your Gmail settings by uploading a profile picture or you can start adding your contacts.

11.   You can also start checking for emails, as you will receive a welcome mail from Google.
12.   If you are really new to Gmail or to handling email accounts, you will find the pop-ups very useful. 

These pop-ups will ask you if you would want a guided tour; you can also choose to skip this part and simply exit the pop-ups when they appear.

Gmail.com Login

To log back into your Gmail account, just go to Gmail.com and type in your username and then your password.  If you are using your own computer and you are the only user, you can opt to click the option that says, Stay Signed In. If there are other people using that unit, you should not do this.

Gmail.com Login Features

The best thing about Gmail is that it offers its users with a lot of features that can make things a lot easier.
  • You can link your Gmail account to your smartphone, which will allow you to access your Gmail features such as mails, contacts and calendar.
  • You can also talk with your contacts in real time with the Gtalk, Gmail’s chat feature.
  • One unique and very useful feature is the Google Drive. This feature allows you to share, receive and save files and images. This means that Gmail is offering some sort of aloud storage option to its users.
Finally, there are many other features that Google is offering for its users and once you have gone through all of these features, you can then start your Gmail experience. One reminder though, make sure that every time you use Gmail.com login you will be using your correct username and password.