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Friday, March 8, 2013

QR Login with DigiPass – Fast Gmail Login without Password

This article will show you how to log into a Gmail account without using a password. Current technology for web application login has not evolved much because we are still using passwords to log into our email accounts and online accounts. As a result, the grand prize that a hacker looks for when attempting to hack into your account is your password. A password is the only doorway to your Gmail account. Innovative technology for web app security seeks to devise methods that do not make use of a password to access your account. One type of this technology is QR Login. This is a secure method of accessing your Gmail account by making use of a QR Code.

QR Codes are dynamic codes usually in the form of a square with abstract patterns. These can be printed on paper e.g. in magazines and newspapers. They can also be printed online on web pages. It does not matter where the QR code is printed but this square shaped code can allow you to log into your Gmail account using a mobile phone that is QR enabled. A QR code can be printed just about anywhere. To log into your Gmail account, simply go to a website like DigiPass and scan the QR code on the website with your mobile phone. You will be logged in quickly, smoothly and magically without typing in your precious password. This method will have hackers and identity thieves scratching their heads because they have no way of intercepting your password. When you sign up with DigiPass, a QR code will appear on your browser every time you want to log into your Gmail account or any other online account.

To use QR code login technology, you will need the following things:

-          An account with DigiPass secure login technology.
-          Modern Camera Phone.
-          QR code reader application on your mobile phone.
-          A computer, laptop or tablet with a web browser. (Remember that your aim is to log into your Gmail account without typing in your password, so you will need a web browser. Typing in your password on public computers exposes you to keylogger password stealing malware, and this is what DigiPass aims to prevent)

1 – Buy a QR enabled camera phone or install a QR code reader app on your mobile phone.
2 – Sign up at DigiPass.com and create an account. It is free to create an account.
3 - Launch DigiPass on the login page of the website that you want to access. You should see a QR code on your web browser or on DigiPass website.
4 – Take your mobile phone and scan the QR code and follow the instructions
5 - Confirm your login attempt or intention
6 – Your mobile phone should generate a PIN code. Type in the code and voila, you should be logged in. You can now check your email.

Note that the mobile phone is just an agent that allows you to scan the QR code and log into your account without entering a password. You are able to view your account on your web browser from your computer or laptop.

The whole process takes only 4 simple steps and only a few seconds. You might want to take a look at another QR Login method using TIQR.org

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  1. I cannot log into GMail under any circumstances - with or without password. I cannot get to a page that allows me to enter my username or password. Please help!!!!