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Friday, March 15, 2013

What is your Gmail login username?

To start using Gmail or Google Mail, you must first sign up for an email account. You will be required to choose a username during the sign up process and this is the name that you will use to log into your Gmail account.

Your username is different from your account name or email address. Your username is the name that comes first before @gmail.com.For example login@gmail.com is an email address and “login” is your Gmail username. This email address login@gmail.com might have an account name like “James Reeves” or “Login Corporation”.

Your username is a permanent name for your email address. It cannot be changed. Once you choose a create a username, it will stay like that. All usernames for an email domain like gmail.com are unique. Gmail has millions of usernames created by email users and these are all unique. Most probably a popular or common name like john or Angeline will be taken so Gmail will suggest some alternative names for you during the sign up process, for example john27 or john2000.

So what can you do with your Gmail username? You will need your username to log into Gmail. You can log into Gmail using your username or email address. Either way, it’s going to work. It is important to remember your login username because without your login name, you cannot sign into Gmail or Google Mail. If you have multiple Gmail accounts, then it is advisable to keep an excel spreadsheet of your email addresses. You might want to use an excel spreadsheet to store your email addresses and their passwords because it is a tough task to remember your passwords if they are different. Some people will use the same password for all their Gmail accounts to make their log in easier.

If you have a maximum of 3 Gmail accounts, then it will be easier to remember your passwords if they are different.However, anything more than 3 email accounts will make it tough to memorize your passwords. You can solve this problem by using a Password Manager such as LastPass.com.This is a safer and more secure method of storing multiple passwords for multiple accounts than a spreadsheet kept on your computer.LastPass allows you to manage multiple accounts and you only need a single master password to access your online accounts, so there is no risk of your passwords being stolen, lost or forgotten.

Keeping sensitive information on your computer is not a good idea because your computer might be stolen, damaged or it can be attacked by a virus from the internet. There are a lot of stealthy and risky backdoor connections from the internet that are always trying to install a bad virus on your computer. Some of these viruses can steal files and information from your computer and you can imagine the effects if these were important files or spreadsheets with sensitive information.

Luckily, there is anti-virus software like MacAfee that can stop any backdoor connections to your computer. Activating your Windows Firewall is one way of keeping risky connections away from your PC. A firewall can block both outgoing and incoming connections. Without anti-virus software, our computers are vulnerable to attacks from the internet, so make sure that you have antivirus software on your computer.

Your user Gmail username is different from your Account Name. To find out more about a Gmail Account Name, read this article.



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